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BAGHDAD, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- A slew of gunfire and bomb attacks mainly targeting Iraqi security forces killed a total of 25 people and wounded 82 others in Iraq on Wednesday.

The attacks started at about 8:20 a.m. local time (0520 GMT) when a suicide bomber drove his explosives-laden car into the entrance to al-Elwiyah police station in Baghdad's central district of Karrada, and another suicide bomber almost simultaneously blew up his explosives-packed car at a police station in the northwestern district of al-Hurriyah.

The two suicide attacks killed 18 people and wounded 48, many of whom were policemen, an Interior Ministry source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

A third attack occurred when a booby-trapped car parked outside a police station exploded in Baghdad's southern district of Eilam, killing four people and wounding 11, the source said.

Major General Adel Dahham, the spokesman of the Iraqi Interior Ministry, told reporters that guards of the attacked police stations had opened fire on the suicide car bombers and managed to blow up the car bombs at the concrete barricades and prevented them from entering the buildings of the police stations.

"Yes, our security forces have made some sacrifices, but we have foiled the attacks that would certainly cause heavier casualties if they reached their targets," Dahham said.

Dahham added that the Iraqi security forces defused two more car bombs in Baghdad's southern district of Abu Deshir and the northwestern district of Shulla without causing casualties.

Also in the capital, two policemen were killed and seven others were wounded, including five policemen, in a roadside bomb blast near a police patrol in Baghdad's western district of Eskan.

In a separate incident, a car bomb went off near the convoy of Sabah, commander of the Iraqi Army's 22th Brigade, in Baghdad's northwestern district of al-Hurriyah, killing a civilian and wounding 10 of Sabah's soldiers along with two bystanders, while Sabah himself escaped the attack unharmed.

In another district of al-Jihad in the southwestern Baghdad, gunmen in a speedy car opened fire with their assault rifles on a police checkpoint, wounding two policemen.

Ali Sa'doun Abboud, an Iraqi army brigadier general, was seriously wounded when a sticky bomb attached to his car detonated in Baghdad's northern district of Sleikh.

Violence in Iraq has ebbed from its climax in 2006 and 2007 when sectarian conflicts pushed the country to the brink of civil war, but deadly shootings and bombings still occur on a daily basis.

Such attacks raise questions about the capability of the Iraqi security forces to maintain security in the country alone ahead of Dec. 31, deadline of U.S. troops' withdrawal from the country.

U.S. military forces are to pull out completely from Iraq by the end of 2011, according to a security pact, named the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), signed late in 2008 between Baghdad and Washington.

However, Iraq is reportedly negotiating with the United States to let a small part of U.S. troops stay in Iraq beyond the deadline only for training Iraqi forces.

Editor: Mu Xuequan
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