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CANBERRA, Oct. 5 (Xinhua) -- Anti-whaling group, Sea Shepherd Australia, on Wednesday promised dramatic attacks against Japanese whalers in coming months, with volunteers warning they are ready to die protecting the marine mammals in the Antarctic.

Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson said December's campaign against Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean will be called operation Divine Wind, which was the name Japan's desperate military gave to kamikaze suicide missions by pilots in World War II.

Watson pledged in a statement "very dramatic and adventurous three months beginning in December", and claimed it would send 100 volunteers to Antarctica and was prepared to lose lives if necessary.

"I am confident that we will be able to stop them once again," he said. "They will have to kill us to prevent us from intervening once again."

"Are the Japanese people ready to take human lives in defence of this horrifically cruel and illegal slaughter of endangered and protected species of whales? If so, my answer to the Japanese government is 'hoka hey' - it's a good day to die."

The Sea Shepherd has become increasingly successful in recent years in disrupting the Japanese whaling, last summer forcing Japan's whaling fleet to head home early, and led Japanese whalers to obtain only 17 percent of their whaling quota.

Japanese government on Tuesday announced the research whaling program will go ahead later in December, and there are reports that an extra 27 million U.S. dollars worth of security will be added to the whaling fleet.

Meanwhile, Sea Shepherd Australia condemned Japanese government' s decision to boost funding for the program, saying that "already some 200 million dollars in debt, the whaling fleet continues to be an economic burden on the Japanese people."

"It is an insult to all the anti-whaling nations that so generously contributed to the relief of the tsunami and earthquake victims,"Watson said.

"It now seems they are simply obsessed with killing whales not for need, and not for profit, but because they believe they have the right to do what they wish and kill whatever they wish in an established international whale sanctuary, just for the sake of defending their misplaced honor."

He said it is a disgrace and a smack in the face to everyone who stepped forward to help in their time of need.

In a move to put an end to Japan's whaling program in the Southern Ocean, Australia in May lodged a written submission with the International Court of Justice to argue Japan's whaling activities have breached international obligations.

However, Watson said Australia's federal government legal action was a waste of time that would not resolve anything.

He said the Japanese would "ignore any decision, whatever it is. They ignore everything."

Editor: Fang Yang
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