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BERLIN, Sept. 23 (Xinhua) -- A large majority of German citizens turn against any further enlargement of the long controversial euro bailout program, in the wake of their crucial parliamentary vote on whether the expansion of the euro rescue fund illegitimate or not is to be held next Thursday, a latest poll by the Handelsblatt newspaper showed on Friday.

The strong sentiment of repudiation permeate almost evenly among various social echelon and political stances in the country, comprising some 70 percent of conservatives, 73 percent of Social Democrat (SPD) supporters, 71 percent of Left voters, 67 percent of Green supporters and 82 percent of Pirate Party supporters,.

Despite a common agreement to the fact that a possible Greek default could be jeopardy to German economy to some extent, there are still 41 percent poll opinionists took it as acceptable, amid fears such a default is looming.

Half of the poll respondents regard the potential bankruptcy of Greece would not be a favorable matter, as 68 percent think it could be detrimental to the German economy, and only 15 percent take it could be something acceptable.

In response to anticipation toward future political prospect of the country, some 29 percent of the pollsters favor the ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU), in contrast to 23 percent put their hopes on the SPD, the traditional most powerful twin political powerhouses.

In another poll conducted by the public broadcaster ZDF, three quarters respondents think the current clause to the European Financial Stability Facility (ESFS) should be remained unchanged, only 19 percent in favor of the expansion of the eurozone bailout mechanism.

In addition, some German politicians have expressed the willingness for Greece to stay in the single currency zone.

"We want to keep the euro - in all 17 eurozone states," said Peter Altmaier, a parliamentary ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative faction, adding that Greece could retain the euro currency, even in the case of an orderly bankruptcy, to which "the official position is unequivocal," he said.

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