Massive quake rocks Japan

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Japanese PM says the nation facing worst crisis in over 60 years

TOKYO, March 13 (Xinhua) -- Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan said Sunday the nation is now facing the worst postwar crisis following Friday's 9-magnitude earthquake that triggered massive tsunami and caused problems at a nuclear power plant in Kukushima Prefecture.   Full story

Japan faces escalating nuke threat, meltdowns may occur

TOKYO, March 13 (Xinhua) -- Japan is facing an escalating nuclear threat on Sunday as the country's top government spokesman warned that radioactive meltdowns may have occurred in two reactors of the Fukushima nuclear power plant.


Latest Development:

Radiation level passes legal limit in quake-hit Fukushima nuke plant: Kyodo

Fukushima nuclear accident under control, but aftershocks threatening: Chinese expert

Japan spares no effort to prevent nuclear disaster

Taiwan remains unaffected in Japan's leakage of radioactive material

Maximum efforts urged in Japan's rescue, relief operation following massive quake

Japan's volcano erupts again with massive blast of gas, ash

Latest developments in wake of Japan's devastating earthquake

Radiation 400 times normal level at Onagawa nuke plant: Tohoku Electric

6.3-magnitude quake hits near east coast of Honshu, Japan

Japan's tragic earthquake causes huge losses, all-out rescues mobilized

9,500 still unccounted in Minamisanriku of Japan's Miyagi Prefecture: Kyodo

Powerful quake and tsunami take heavy toll on Japan

Japanese troops finds 300 to 400 bodies in Iwate Prefecture: NHK

Ceiling collapse injures 4 at Fukushima No. 1 nuke plant: NHK

Nuclear reactor meltdown is occurring: officials

Blackouts may occur in Japan after nuclear power plants shutdown

14 aftershocks hit off Japan's east coast

Powerful 6.8 magnitude aftershock hits eastern coast of Japan -- USGS

Strong earthquakes jolt off Honshu island of Japan

5.8-magnitude earthquake jolts off central Japan 

Radioactive substances could have already leaked at quake-hit Japan nuclear plant: Kyodo

Tsunami waves reach U.S. West Coast

151 dead, over 1,000 feared killed by quake, tsunami in Japan

Radiation leak could occur at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant: Kyodo

Heightened state of alert declared at nuclear plant in Japan

Great quake leaves 50 dead, numerous injured in Japan

Japanese PM declares atomic power emergency

Four nuclear plants near Japan quake center safely shut

Magnitude-8.8 earthquake biggest in modern-day Japan

Fire reported at nuclear power plant following great quake

Tsunami warning in effect for Pacific islands

"Abnormality state" reported at Fukushima nuclear plant

Great earthquake shakes Japan's northeastern region

Tsunami alert issued in Russia's Far East

Explosion observed at Cosmo Oil refinery in Chiba

Japanese PM says huge damage caused by great quake

Japanese PM says no problem occurs in nuclear power plant

Great quake kills at least 3, injures numerous others


 World Reaction:

Chinese rescue team arrives in Japan for quake relief

Int'l aid pours in for Japan

ASEAN, Indonesia offer help to Japan

Singapore sends condolences, rescuers to quake-hit Japan

Australia to send emergency team to help quake-hit Japan

New Zealand to send rescue team to Japan

EU activates civil protection system to aid Japan

USAID sending task force to Japan to help rescue work

Hillary Clinton commits to help Japan recover from earthquake

U.S. sends aircraft carrier to Japan in quake relief

Chinese defense minister offers condolences to Japan

Premier Wen says China willing to help quake-hit Japan

Chinese rescuers ready for Japan quake relief

China sends condolences to quake-hit Japan

 Turkey says ready to help Japan after massive earthquake

S. Korea  ready to send rescue workers to quake-hit Japan

Australia to assist Japan following great earthquake

Russia ready to offer assistance to Japan

Germany pledges to offer help to Japan on earthquake

Philippines offers assistance to quake-hit Japan

Britain pledges earthquake help for Japan

EU: Ready to assist Japan in earthquake rescue effort

U.N. stands ready to send search and rescue teams to Japan

ASEAN secretary general expresses concerns


Rescue work underway in quake-ravaged Japan

Japan copes with radiation amid escalating nuclear threat

Massive quake, tsunami leave devastating aftermath in NE Japan

Radioactive material leak confirmed in Japan's nuclear plant

World concerns for Japan quake

Tsunami concerns close beaches in US

8.8-magnitude quake shakes Japan with tsunami warnings

At least 32 killed in Japan earthquake

Quake shakes Japan with tsunami warnings

Quake shakes Japan with tsunami warnings



Time: Japanese local time 2:46 p.m. (05:46 GMT)

Epicenter: Japan's northeastern Honshu Island

Magnitude: 9.0 magnitude.

Depth: 10 kms under the seabed


1.Felt in almost all areas in Japan's pacific coast, including Tokyo and Osaka.

2.Numerous people reported injured and Black smoke was seen rising.

3.Major blackout was reported.

Death Toll: Over 1000.


Radiation to impact northeast Japan

Quake causes Japan to move 2.4 meters

Japan devastating quake on record

Japanese residents evacuated from nuclear plant

8.8 magnitude quake rocks Japan


8.9 magnitude earthquake triggers massive tsunami



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