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RAMALLAH, March 6 (Xinhua) -- Palestinian young people have found writing slogans on Israeli banknotes a new way to render their messages calling for an end to Israel's occupation, in addition to Launching a Facebook group.

The idea emerged when a group of Palestinian youth formed a page on the popular social network of Facebook urging the Palestinians to write "end the occupation" and other slogans on Israeli banknotes as messages to the Israeli officials and people.

The Israeli government has not responded to this action, and it is not clear if Israeli authorities would ask the banks to reject banknotes marked with such slogans.

Many young people said they accepted the group's call on Facebook. They wrote phrases on the Israeli paper currency to end the Israeli occupation and establish an independent Palestinian State. The Palestinians do not have their own currency and are using the Israeli shekels as their currency.

The Facebook campaign also called Palestinians to write the slogan "Palestine is Free" on the Israeli banknotes in both Arabic and English.

Since Israel occupied the Palestinian territories in 1967, the Israeli currency has become a main currency in Palestinian territories for daily use, while they also use U.S. dollars and Jordanian dinars to purchase cars, houses and other expensive properties.

Samah Nassar, the campaign coordinator told Xinhua that the Palestinian youth want to convey their messages to the Israeli people through the currency used by both Israelis and Palestinians.

"The Israeli people are using their money every minute and every hour, and they may think about making peace and ending the occupation, when they see those messages," said Nassar.

The Palestinians suspended the peace talks with Israel one month after it was launched in Washington on Sept. 2, after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused to extend a moratorium on freezing settlement construction in the Palestinian territories, mainly in east Jerusalem.

Feras al-Taweel, a Palestinian young man, founder of the campaign "let's end the occupation" told Xinhua that the campaign on Facebook "is gaining a large number of supporters among the Palestinian youth because the idea is very simple and calls for freedom and ending the occupation."

The campaign was warmly welcomed by the PNA, where Ghassan al- Khatib, chief of the PNA media bureau told Xinhua that the PNA encourages and backs such campaigns, "and we call on the campaign' s organizers to escalate their activities to keep peacefully resisting the occupation until we see it end."

Bahrain's anti-government protesters reportedly wrote anti- government slogans and defaced the pictures of the Bahraini king on some of the banknotes. The Central Bank of Bahrain announced on Thursday that such notes will be rejected when being transacted in banks, as it is regarded an illegal act to deface banknotes.

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