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CANCUN, MEXICO, Dec. 11 (Xinhua) -- The U.N. climate change conference finally came up with a way forward in the fight against global warming early Saturday after an all-night session, overruling objections from Bolivia.

The agreement covers establishment of a new Green Climate Fund to help poor nations, measures to protect tropical forests and a mechanism for clean energy technology transfer to poorer nations. It aslo reaffirmed a commitment reached at last year's Copenhagen conference to provide 100 billion U.S. dollars a year to help developing countries fight global warming.

"The texts on the table represent the work of many delegations that carry the hope of delivering what our societies expect," said Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa, chair of the conference.

"I take note of your opinion, but if there are no other objections, this text is approved," Espinosa told Pablo Solon, the Bolivian representative.

Bolivia rejected the two documents of the deal, saying they amounted to a blank check for developed nations because the commitments set are in documents which have not yet been published.

"We will get every international body necessary to make sure that the consensus is respected," said Solon, adding that the rules said that no agreement should be passed when one state strongly objects.

"Consensus does not mean that one nation can choose to apply a veto on a process that other nations have been working on for years. I cannot ignore the opinion of another 193 states that are parties," Espinosa replied. Her response received a huge applause from the floor.

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