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by Thaweeporn Kummetha

BANGKOK, Nov. 18 (Xinhua) -- After more than 300 fetuses found at a temple in Bangkok, police raided illegal abortion clinic and arrested a woman who delivered the fetuses to the undertaker, Thai media reported Thursday.

After the crackdown on illegal abortion clinics, following the discovery of 348 fetuses, police found the woman who said she had been paid to transport fetuses to an undertaker at Wat Phai Ngern Chotanaram, Buddhist temple in Bangkok's Bang Kholaem district.

Lanjakorn Jantamanas, 33, told investigators that she received 500 baht (about 17 U.S. dollars) each trip to deliver fetuses from various clinics to the temple. She paid an undertaker 200 baht ( about 7 U.S. dollars) for making the delivery.

Lanjakorn made the confession after the police raided a shophouse which she opened as a medical clinic on Wednesday. On the first floor of the clinic, however, was found very dusty, while, on the fourth floor, the police found structures of patients' beds and leg rests.

She later confessed that she also ran abortion business.

Lanjakorn said having been assistance to a doctor in an abortion clinic for many years, she knew how to carry out abortion for the patients, mostly teenagers. After the doctor ended the business, she bought the clinic and ran the "business" by herself.

On Tuesday, after nearby residents of Wat Phai Ngern Chotanaran complained about foul smell coming from the temple, the abbot asked the staff to search for the source of the smell. The staff traced the smell to the morgue's compartment No.17 where they found 348 plastic bags containing the baby fetuses inside.

Suthep Chabangbon, 46-year-old undertaker, confessed that he has taken the job for about three months.

Normally, he accumulated the bodies and cremated them altogether. But as the crematorium has not been working, Suthep kept the remains inside the compartment No.17, where it started to emit foul smell.

The grisly discovery of the baby fetuses in Thailand has made a headline in many foreign media as it is unexpected for the incident to happen in a Buddhist temple.

With most of the population being Buddhist, Thai Buddhists have a custom to cremate remains in temple. Four monks will pray for funeral for three or seven days before the day of cremation in the normal ceremony.

Editor: Wang Guanqun

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