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Villagers ride a motorcycle while covering their mouths at the district of Tanah Karo outside the city of Medan, North Sumatra, as the Mount Sinabung volcano spews smoke in the background August 28, 2010.  (Xinhua/Reuters Photo)

JAKARTA, Aug. 29 (Xinhua) -- Indonesia's Sinabung volcano in North Sumartra province erupted unexpectedly in the wee hours of Sunday morning despite its rise of seismic activity since Friday, which has force evacuatio of thousands of local people.

Spokesman of National Disaster Management Agency Priyadi Kardono said the eruption has not been predicted much earlier like other volcanoes and authorities must conduct a quick preparation for emergency work as mount Sinabung's seismic activity has been monitored intensively only since Friday after it showed an increase in activity.

Over 10,000 people have been internally evacuated after the eruption, Secretary of the provincial administration Edy Sofyan told Xinhua by phone.

Priyadi said that aid from Jakarta will be sent within days.

Mount Sinabung, whose last eruption occurred 400 years ago, is classified at category "B" which means it is not necessary to be monitored intensively, but other volcanoes in category "A," must be monitored frequently, head of National Volcanology Agency named only Surono told Xinhua over phone from the province.

The possibility of eruption at volcano type "A" can be predicted months before it happen as the officials have their record of seismic activity, head of Investigation of Volcanology Agency Muhammad Hendratno told Xinhua over telephone from West Java province.

"After the eruption we change the type of mount Sinabang from B to A," said Surono.

Several active volcanos in Indonesia have been predicted month before eruption and the officials raise their alert status gradually before reaching to the top.


Indonesia's volcano continues to spew smoke

JAKARTA, Aug. 28 (Xinhua) -- Mount Sinabung in regency of Karo in Indonesia's North Sumatra province continued gushing grey smoke on Saturday, blanketing area surrounding its crater, local media reported.

A local resident, Abadinta Barus, told Antara news service that the smoke was less thick than it was on Friday, when seismic activities of the volcano resulted in thundering noises and stirred panic among residents of nearby villages.   Full story

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