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by Xu Yanyan, Jamal Ahmed

BAGHDAD, July 20 (Xinhua) -- Recent series of attacks by insurgents have left hundreds of people dead and wounded in Iraq. Local analysts and some Iraqis believe the bloodshed was closely related to the ongoing U.S. troops pullout plan.


Last Sunday, at least 43 pro-government militia members were killed in one of the deadliest suicide bombings this year, while more than 50 others wounded.

The Iraqi government and U.S. forces held al-Qaida in the country responsible for the bombing.

In an interview with Xinhua, Sabah al-Shiekh, a professor of politics in Baghdad University, said the attacks were closely related to the U.S. pullout process.

"The variety of massive attacks such as those against government ministries, security forces, government-backed Sunni paramilitary groups (Awakening Council groups), Shiite pilgrims and even civilians, indicate that the insurgents want to show that the government has paralyzed and is incapable of protecting its people," said professor Shiekh.

"Besides the militias, Shiite, Sunni and extremist groups like al-Qaida all want to disturb the U.S. troops pullout in order to press the U.S. to choose from two options. One is to withdraw as planned amid attacks, and then insurgents could say the Americans were defeated and the U.S. is only a paper tiger," he said.

"The other option is to delay their pullout. This would show that the Americans have failed in their strategy as they realize that their presence is only causing more deaths and destruction for Iraqis and draining their country's resources," he added.

Editor: Mu Xuequan

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