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By Martin Shardow

NAIROBI, July 4 (Xinhua) -- As Kenyans clamor for a new constitution, many slum dwellers in the country's capital city of Nairobi lead desperate lives in abject poverty. Many face obstacles in improving their conditions with no ray of hope in the foreseeable future.

However, what do they want in alleviating this situation and how can they wade through the stings of poverty?

Zainabu Mohammed, 57, is a single mother and a resident of Mukuru Kwa Reuben, one of the highly populated slums in Nairobi.

She has lived with her children in a single room that doubles as a sitting and bedroom with some kitchen accessories, indicating that it is also her Kitchen. All that she wants is a separate room for her children.

she said pointing at the floor "Here is where my eight children spread out their stuffed mattresses and spend their nights."

Her most mortifying moments are at night when she has to answer to the call of nature.

"You do it in a basin while your children are listening. I have never got used to this shame," Zainabu told Xinhua with disgrace painted all over her face.

For the past 36 years she has lived in this dingy room whose lighting comes from a few holes on the roof and the door which is left ajar most of the day.

Editor: Bi Mingxin

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