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Palestinian embassy in Turkey meanwhile called Israel's intervention on aid ships "barbarous."

"The attack is an organized state terrorism against civilians coming all around the world to help oppressed people living under besiege for more than four years. This is a barbarous attack against our people living in Gaza, human rights, and NGOs which defend international laws and organized this convoy," said the embassy.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul said "It is impossible to ignore the lives of defenseless civilians who were trying to take humanitarian aid to Gazan people."

"Actually, Gazan blockade is not a matter between Turkey and Israel, but an international matter. It is a serious tragedy. We expect Israel to lift this inhuman blockade immediately," he said.

Turkey on Monday has decided to recall its ambassador to Israel.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak also condemned Israel's excessive use of force against the peaceful aid flotilla, and insisted on Egyptians' solidarity with the people in Gaza and that the inter-Palestinian reconciliation was the only way to lift the blockade and end the humanitarian sufferings in the region.

China on Monday condemned Israel's raid. "We were shocked by the Israeli attack which led to severe casualties and condemn it," said Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu in a statement.

Ma said China urged the Israeli side to seriously implement relevant UN Security Council resolution and improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

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