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Protestors gather in front of the parliament building while austerity measures bill has been passed in Athens, capital of Greece, on May 6, 2010. The Greek parliament on Thursday approved the bill on measures relating to the support mechanism by the euro zone and International Monetary Fund. (Xinhua/Phasma)

Athens, May 6 (Xinhua) -- Tens of thousands of Greek citizens marched in the center of Athens on Thursday afternoon, encircling the parliament building, while inside the bill on the new austerity measures was approved.

Denouncing for one more time the further cutbacks on salaries and tax hikes that paved the way for the EU-IMF financial support, protesters raised their voices against violence that marred Wednesday's similar demonstration, ending in the tragic death of three bank employees.

They died of asphyxiation in the fire that broke out when a group of hooded anarchists threw petrol bombs against the bank's building, situated near the parliament.

Still in shock, members of families, friends and thousands of citizens stopped by the place of the tragedy to place flowers, light candles and hold three minutes of silence, as the new rally started, honoring the victims.

In the meantime, police reviewed traffic camera footage and all related evidence in order to find the perpetrators.

So far the demonstration which is still underway is peaceful, but police expressed fears for new attacks by anarchists that could endanger more lives and cause more damages. Athens police units have been reinforced with policemen from nearby towns.

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