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ATHENS, March 7 (Xinhua) -- A large majority of Greek citizens expect social unrest and more strikes and protests triggered by the new package of austerity measures announced last week, according to the latest polls published on Sunday.

Some 69 percent of people who took part in a Kappa Research poll, conducted for Sunday's Vima newspaper, believe that the additional measures should be implemented only temporarily until Greece gets through the economic crisis.

Twenty-six percent of Greeks estimate that the target will be met in one to two years, 20 percent think that it will take at least three to five years, while 26.8 percent are more pessimistic and hold that these measures will never lead to a solution of the country's economic problems.

Some 86.9 percent of the Greek people who participated in the survey expressed fears that the country will witness social unrest and 85.2 percent are certain that the gap between poor and rich Greeks will expand.

About 51.9 percent of the citizens are confident that the socialist government lead by Prime Minister George Papandreou can lead the country out of the crisis. And 45.6 percent of Greeks support the mobilizations organized by labor unions, while 54.8 percent will not participate in further protests.

If Greece held a referendum today, 63.1 percent of the people would vote for the country's exit from the eurozone.

And 86.2 percent of Greeks view the austerity measures as unfair, according to another poll conducted by Alco for the "Proto Thema" newspaper.

Sixty-four percent of the people who took part in the poll believe that the measures announced are not enough to solve the crisis, and 41 percent support the government.

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