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PHNOM PENH, Feb. 10 (Xinhua) -- Cambodia began Thursday broadcasting spots on televisions as well as on radios warning teenagers not to misbehave themselves into sexual relations with their peers during the upcoming Valentine's Day.

Sivann Botum, Secretary of State for Women Affairs said that the five-minute spots are focusing on the "meaning of the day" by encouraging teenagers to show love for their family, teachers and then friends, "not to show love for sex."

"We decided to make advertisements in order to outreach teenagers because we don't want them to misbehave on Valentine's Day, which may impact to the good customs and tradition with high respect to Cambodian women," she said, alerting that some women might lose their virginity by force or other means by their male peers on the day.

In recent years, Valentine's Day, again will come on Feb. 14, has become one of the popular days for Cambodian young people, and misbehaviors in sexual relations often heard or reported.

The result of a survey conducted by an independent researcher which was released Thursday showed that of the 458 people interviewed aged 15-24 in Phnom Penh, 12.4 percent of them answered that they expect to have sex on the upcoming Valentine's Day, and more than 14.3 percent in a couple answered that they expect to have sex with their sweethearts on that day too.

Meanwhile, more than one thirds (39.5 percent) of the young people in a couple surveyed stated that it will be their first time to have sexual intercourse on the Day.

While two thirds (66.6 percent) of young males in couple said they will pressure or force their girlfriend for having sex.

Besides the cultural and traditional impact, Cambodia is concerned about the spread of HIV/AIDS infection.

Editor: Han Jingjing
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