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China's second lunar probe Chang'e two has just completed its secondary mission.(Sources: China Daily)

Scientists hope Chang'e 2 will stay near L2 for one year. It will carry out scientific experiments and gather information on the surrounding environment.

"Here at the China's Academy of Space Technology, the completion of the Chang'e 2 mission doesn't mean an end. China's exploration into space has just begun. "

China's ambitious three-stage moon mission is steadily advancing. The next phase will be the launch of Chang'e-3 in 2013. The probe's mission is to land on the moon together with a moon rover.

In the third phase, the rover should land on the moon and return to Earth with lunar soil and stones for scientists to study.

The Chang'e program was named after the legendary Chinese goddess who flew to the moon. With the progress in technology and experience from the Chang'e mission, sending a Chinese astronaut to the moon is now clearly feasible.

(Sources: China Daily)

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