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BEIJING, Aug. 26 (Xinhuanet) --For the first time, police in China and America have worked together to bring down a child porn website. Their actions have led to the arrest of dozens of suspects including the ring leader.

The largest Chinese porn website operator, with around 100 million users, has just been wiped out of the virtual world. Its founder, Wang Yong, is now in custody and dozens others, responsible for money laundering, have also been arrested.

Established in the US in 2002, the organization runs 48 websites, including 18 providing child pornography. It became an information hub for prostitution, and the breeding ground for sexual crimes.

The site was closely watched by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, but previous crackdowns had little impacts on its management. Guo Yuan, official of Network Security Bureau, said, “We had arrested over a thousand website administrators. But because the site was set up in the US, and the two countries have different legal systems, the group was still operating.”

But not anymore - Police forces in China and the US came together to bring down the site once and for all, sharing evidence and working out a plan.

Deng Hongmin, vice director of Network Security Bureau, said, “This is our first cooperation with American police and it turns out very well. It just shows the strength of cross-border cooperation when dealing with online crime.”

The International Criminal Police Organization also issued a wanted warrant, giving a helping hand. Public security officials say they will continue to work with international police forces to protect internet users.


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