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BEIJING, Aug. 15 (Xinhuanet) -- In waters off Liaoning Province in northeastern China, where the country's first aircraft carrier concluded its four-day sea trial Sunday morning. It has sailed back to Dalian port where more refitting efforts will be carried out.

Mission completed - The giant platform was pulled back by seven tugboats into the Dalian port Sunday morning. The flight deck as well as the radar system could be spotted. But weapon systems, which generated most public interest, are covered under sheets.

The vessel left its shipyard on Wednesday morning. According to the notice published by Liaoning Provincial Maritime Safety Administration, navigation in waters off the Dalian coast was restricted from August 10th to 14th. Covering 13.25 nautical miles wide and 22 nautical miles long, this stretch of waters is believed to be where the trial was carried out.

What's being tested on the seas has not been made public yet. But military experts say the carrier is expected to undergo checkups of its various systems, including engines, aviation and navigation equipment, electronics, fire-control, life-saving and maintenance operations.

Authorities haven't revealed what weapons are installed. Military enthusiasts and tourists have been flocking to Dalian port to steal a glimpse of the vessel, trying to identify what's on the platform. Military sources say the trial is in line with the carrier's refitting schedule and refitting work will continue after the vessel has returned to port.



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