Press conference: 95% of reconstruction work has been finished in Wenchuan   2011-05-11 11:05:47 FeedbackRSS

BEIJING, May 11 (Xinhuanet) --Two days before the 3rd anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake, representatives from the three worst affected provinces have briefed journalists on reconstruction work.

Deputy Director of China's State Development and Reform Commission Mu Hong, said 95% of the reconstruction work has been finished. China allocated more than 300 billion Yuan from the central government's budget in rebuilding the 51 most seriously affected counties.

China also set up a special working group after the disaster and 19 cities and the two SARs were designated to help rebuild partner areas. They've managed to rebuild 1.9 million households in villages, and more than 200 thousand in cities.

More than 38 hundred schools and two thousand hospitals have also been rebuilt. First Vice Governor of Sichuan, Wei Hong says quake-hit areas are now developing faster economically than the rest of the province.

He said, "There's a saying now in Sichuan, that people's homes are the most attractive, schools are the safest buildings, and hospitals are the most advanced."


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