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BEIJING, April 24 (Xinhuanet) -- With a week to go to Britain's royal wedding, the biggest single mystery remains what kind of dress the bride will wear. The lack of hard information has led to intense speculation over the identity of the designer.

It's the most eagerly anticipated and closely guarded secret of the royal wedding.

Royal bride-to-be Kate Middleton has left the press and public in frenzied speculation about her wedding dress.

The "Create-a-Kate" page offers viewers the chance to select a dress, shoes, headgear and bouquet.

But a single paper doll game is not going to solve the mystery. Many people have claimed to have some degree of inside information.

In this central London bridal shop, the owner is quick to offer her opinion.

Dora Huen, Owner, Angelica Bridal Shop, said, "So, this could be something that she would go for. It's very slimline, very sexy, it's got a very low back.I think she will be going for someone who is British, who is quite young and quirky, because she is quite fashionable. And there is a lot of speculation that she will go for some vintage look, the slinky look."

Speculation about which designer might have received the royal nod has seen a number of names come to the fore.

Attention has focused on Sarah Burton, creative director at the prominent Alexander McQueen house.

Not to be discounted is Brazilian Daniella Helayel, widely known as Middleton's favorite go-to designer for feminine, elegant dresses.

Another possible is Jasper Conran, known as one of Princess Diana's favored designers.

If the past can offer any clue, it might be found in the six previous royal bridal gowns, which have been kept in Kensington Palace.

Conservators from the Palace says it's vital in the modern media age for a royal wedding dress to fit the occasion.

Joanna Marschner, Sr. Curator, Historic Royal Palaces, said, "The dresses have had to grow as the media expectation has grown. Television cameras in Westminster Abbey have meant that those dresses are going to have to live up to those venues and indeed be of a design

excellence to bear infinite scrutiny."

Whoever the designer is, one thing is for sure. Kate Middleton will make an huge impact when she steps out of her limo and crosses the threshold of Westminster Abbey next Friday.


Editor: Tang Danlu
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