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BEIJING, March 24 (Xinhuanet) --Japan's earthquake has caused the stoppage of production in some electronic factories which has also rippled the electronic retail market in China. Many Japanese products have had large price hikes.

Some hi-end electronic products are among the most affected. SLR cameras from Sony, Canon and Nikon have gone up by 200 yuan to almost 1000 yuan. The earthquake has paralyzed logistics and caused shortages in the market.

Salesperson said "Sendai and Fukushima are two major areas for the electronic industry. The earthquake has pushed up the prices of major producers, it's a hike of 5 to 8 percent for high-end products. Currently there are no enough products on the market and it is not known when more products will arrive."

Besides high-end products, many other Japan exports products, such as cameras, memory cards and earphones, are also seeing price hikes.

One salesperson said "This memory card is a popular Sony product. Now it costs 139 yuan, an increase of 20 yuan."

Although many electronic products are made in China, their core parts are provided by Japan, and their prices rose after the earthquake. Currently some Japan-made TV sets and laptops seem not to be affected. But with the price of their parts rising, it is quite possible that Japanese laptops will cost more in days to come.



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