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In Ukraine, as in other former Soviet countries, citizens are accustomed to criticize two things: the roads and the authorities. I beg to differ with the skeptics in the light of Euro 2012 and declare that the Ukrainian government did everything possible to promptly adjust the quality of roads. Settle our dispute: currently repair works on roads near major cities hosting Euro 2012 are caring out around the clock.

By personal observation, I can say that now it is a pleasure to drive on the Kiev-Chop highway, which connects the capital of Ukraine with the city on the Hungary's border. Although 2-3 years ago this highway was the roadbed with pits and holes.

Ukrainian authorities are restoring roads as well as purchasing modern surface transport. Currently, in Kiev, Lviv, Kharkov and Donetsk are running new busses and taxis equipped with air conditions.

In a few weeks, a new project will be started for construction of a railway service between Kiev and the "Borispol" international airport. It is possible thanks to Chinese investments. China has allocated 372 million US dollars for these purposes.

In general, the airports in Ukraine at the moment are in good conditions. Almost all of them are ready to service the passengers. Hotels and hostels that will receive guests are also in excellent condition. They can place foreigners even at the current moment.

Moreover, the prices of them are lower than in Europe. The average hotel room costs 100 dollars per day. For those who can not afford such spending, Ukraine will build the fan zones and camping places near the cities hosting the tournament. The average price of each accommodation in camping place will be approximately 30 dollars per night. This price is the same as staying in the hostel, but there will be much more attractions in the fan-zones. For example the fan set in a Pidgirtsi village near Kiev will be able to receive up to 50,000 visitors per day. They will have a lot of fan together. This fan-zone is almost built. The infrastructure project includes camping park, parking, sports bars and big screens for watching games.

But in my opinion, the most important advantage of Ukraine is a traditional Ukrainian hospitality. About twenty Ukrainians aspired to the each position of the volunteer for Euro 2012.

"I really want to become a volunteer at Euro 2012. I would love to help foreigners navigate the Ukraine. I love to travel and I know that it is not easy to be alone in a foreign country," said Dasha Shamayeva, a student which has applied to participate in volunteer movement.

Ukrainian doctors and policemen will also improve their skills in communicating with foreigners. The special courses, where those who will work with championship guests are learning foreign languages are established in Ukraine. The classes are absolutely free.

In addition, currently seminars to enhance tolerance among football fans and managers of fan clubs are organizing in Ukraine. So Euro 2012 visitor will not face problems of discrimination. In addition, in Ukraine there are a large number of bars, restaurants, and recreation areas where the guests can dine and have a good time after the matches. The European visitors will probably enjoy the prices there. The average check at the Kiev sports bars is from 20 to 30 dollars, including beverages and snacks.

In general, Ukrainians are looking forward to Euro 2012 Soccer Championship. According to a poll, conducted this summer, 88 percent of residents are very favorable to the tournament. And they surely will make every effort to enhance the prestige of their country in the world. And to make sure that the foreigners will return to Ukraine even after the championship.

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Editor: Wang Guanqun
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