Top 10 celebrities on Twitter in 2010

Editor's note: You know Twitter has gone mainstream when hordes of celebrities rush to join the micro-blogging site. An army of fans is sure to follow. But who is the most popular famous name to join Twitter? Here is a list of the top ten most popular celebrities of 2010 based on the number of followers.

1. Lady Gaga - 7,276,241 followers

Lady Gaga has toped Britney Spears to become the most-followed person on Twitter. Gaga's Twitter has proved more entertaining because she uploads eye-catching photos of her daily-life online.

2. Britney Spears - 6,361,290 followers

The new Britney finally has her hot body back and with her guest appearance on the hit show Glee and the news of her new album, she has recaptured her fans and is set on a comeback along with a little help from Twitter. Britney gave her followers a running commentary on how much fun she was having with the cast by posting photos from the set of Glee online for followers.

3.Justin Bieber - 6,252,121 followers

Justin Bieber has beat Ashton Kutcher to become the most-followed male celebrity on Twitter.

The teen singing sensation broke the six-million mark and thanked his fans for helping him get there, tweeting: "6 MILLION OF THE GREATEST FANS ON EARTH ON TWITTER!!!! THANK U. This is crazy...My Hometown only has 30,000 people total! NUTS."

4.Ashton Kutcher - 6,089,878 followers

Known as Aplusk on Twitter, Ashton Kutcher has always been a heavy user of the medium and whilst some celebrities have abandoned their online accounts, Ashton is still very much alive on Twitter. He has an active social life that he never fails to tweet about with his wife Demi Moore, who is also a Twitter user but has fewer followers.

5. Barack Obama - 6,037,146 followers

U.S. President Barack Obama once said that both he and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, two of the world’s most powerful men, use the popular social networking program which he mistakenly referred to as "Twitters," instead of "Twitter."

6. Ellen DeGeneres - 5,538,217 followers

Who doesn't love Ellen? Her warm personality, hilarious talk show and access all areas pass to Hollywood's brightest and talented stars has people glued to her on television and now online in their millions. Her feed, like her show, is praised for brightening up the day.

7. Kim Kardashian - 5,476,011 followers

The beautiful Kardashians love drama and Kim's Twitter updates are no exception. She only follows 123 people who are made up of her closet family, sisters Chloe and Courtney and cute younger brother Rob, along with celebrity friends like Paris Hilton, Alicia Keys, Justin Bieber. Her Twitter page oozes sexiness with a wallpaper of Kim in a sizzling white bathing suit.

8. Katy Perry - 4,784,078 followers

The playful, charismatic singer is just as enjoyable on Twitter. She keeps entertaining her followers with her witty, bubbly commentary on life. After her marrying Russell Brand, followers are looking forward to her sharing more interesting stories about married life.

9.Taylor Swift - 4,713,502 followers

The phrase "thank you" or "thanks" appears over 50 times on the account she's kept since December 2008. She's Tweeted just over 800 times in total, and the word "love," in its various forms, shows up over 100 times.Her super-nice style shows online as she gives carefully selected glimpses into her personal life.

10. Oprah Winfrey - 4,631,372 followers

Even Twitter was hit by the Oprah Winfrey effect! The traffic chart shows the daily market share of visits to her Twitter website from January to April.

On April 17, the day when Oprah Winfrey joined Twitter by sending a tweet from her Friday TV show, the number of US based visits to the Twitter site increased by 24 percent and some 1.2 million new users signed up for Twitter on that day alone.

(Source: China Daily)