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Chinese chupacabra mystery solved

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An ordinary albino civet cat with a skin disease that has been mistaken for the legendary "chupacabra". (Photo: Global Times)

BEIJING, April 15 -- As reported by the Global Times on March 29 this mystery beast resembling a chupacabra, upper, is seen shortly after its capture in a village in Suining, Sichuan Province.

A chupacabra ("goat-sucker"), is a legendary, fearsome and possibly mythical beast said to inhabit parts of the Americas and Puerto Rico, but not China nor anywhere in Asia.

Following the Global Times report, the Daily Telegraph in England claimed to have interviewed a Chinese hunter in Sichuan Province who said creature resembled a bear that had been changed from a human, just as in a Sichuan local legend.

However, the mystery is solved. Kong Huazhen of the Daying Forestry Department, Sichuan recently announced that the mystery creature is an albino civet cat with a skin disease and "we have let it go."

An ordinary albino civet cat. (Photo: Global Times)

(Source: Global Times/chinanews.com)

Editor: Han Jingjing
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