How to defeat terrorism in post-9/11 world?

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by Liu Chang, Shao Jin, Zhao Zhuoyun

BEIJING, Sept. 9 (Xinhua) -- A decade ago, a group of 19 terrorists shattered America's once seemingly impenetrable national security and spawned a global war on terrorism.

For the past ten years, the fight against terrorism has cost the world dearly. Despite some major accomplishments, terrorism remains a grave threat to international peace and security. But a simple solution to terrorism appears nowhere to be found.


Seeking revenge after the most violent and tragic terrorist attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor, the Bush administration fought two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

However, fighting violence with violence isn't going to bring security to either the United States or the world. The world is still harboring terrorists who are planning evil deeds.

Alexei Malashenko from the Carnegie Moscow Center said military power cannot uproot terrorism. The United States was only trying to hit some specific individual targets like Osama bin Laden. Yet even after those have been removed, other terrorists would fill the power vacuum.

According to the opinions of some U.S. experts, for the past decade the U.S. anti-terror policy has been quite effective as no large-scale terrorist attack has ever hit U.S. territory in that period.

Yet indigenous terrorist suspects have frequently challenged U.S. homeland security in the last few years and forced the U.S. government to revise its national anti-terror strategy, listing U.S. soil as the most important battlefield for the first time ever.

Meanwhile, abroad, the United States is still struggling to extricate its servicemen and -women from the quagmire of war.

Russia's English-language newspaper Moscow Times said in a recent report that the two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were meaningless. They have drained the United States of its capital reserves and undermined its economic prowess, the newspaper said.

It also said though the United States commands a powerful military force, yet when faced with some poorly-equipped and disorganized enemies, it just couldn't figure out how to win.

An Egyptian security expert, Talaat Musallam, criticized the United States for using a double standard in combating terrorism when its analysts said that only those who are threatening the security of the United States are terrorists. Plus, the United States was also using a double standard when it claimed that no country except the United States could launch military operations against terrorist organizations.

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Editor: Bi Mingxin
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