What's behind "enshrining" Liu Xiaobo?

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by Ji Shiping

BEIJING, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- Alfred Nobel had noble intentions for the Peace Prize, but the Nobel Committee didn't live up to them when it decided to confer the prize on Liu Xiaobo, a convict from China.

Despite the political nature of the Peace Prize, the Nobel Committee went too far this time by championing a defunct ideology and trying to transform other nations.

What did the Committee intend to do?

By enshrining a convict, the Committee pulled the old trick of trying to impose the Western values and political system on the rest of the world.

By "enshrining" Liu Xiaobo, it intended to shame China.

By "enshrining" Liu Xiaobo, it intended to boost the morale of those who attempt to separate China, bring trouble to China or even subvert the current Chinese political system.

By "enshrining" Liu Xiaobo, it intended to interfere in the domestic affairs of those countries that do not follow the Western model.

By "enshrining" Liu Xiaobo, it intended to carry out the strategy of exporting the Western political system to China, and in the long run, to change China's path of development.

The Committee is not alone, as it represents some groups and people in the West who can't get rid of the Cold War mentality.

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Editor: Deng Shasha
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