Is China still a developing nation?

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Backgrounder: Concept of developing countries

BEIJING, Sept. 20 (Xinhua) -- Should China still be considered a developing country? The hotly debated issue has also become a topic at the upcoming UN summit on the Millennium Development Goals.

As China has achieved rapid economic growth in the past three decades, voice challenging China's status as a developing country from some Western countries has become increasingly louder.

Undeniably, some raise the question for lack of understanding about China as they only look at its amazing economic success instead of the huge gap between the country and the developed nations.

However, some make a fuss over the massive total GDP of the world's most populous country with ulterior political and economic motives.

As claimed by Bernard Baumohl, executive director of the Economic Outlook Group, "China can no longer be called an emerging economy...It has to come to terms with a greater international responsibility."

Hong Pingfan, chief for global economic monitoring center of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, said that the "China threat" theory is, in fact, fabricated with the aim to slow down and check China's development.

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