"Wild boar disaster" brings fear of ecological unbalance in east China

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HANGZHOU, Sept.12 (Xinhua) -- When the traditional Vuvuzela horn arrived in some villages in east China's Zhejiang Province, it had a different use -- to scare away boars at midnight.

Plastic trumpets and Karaoke were used, as well, by farmers seeking to prevent the animal from destroying their crops and injuring people.

The number of boars has risen to an estimated 150,000 in ten villages and cities in Zhejiang, five time the number found a decade ago, said a newly released survey on wild animals by the provincial Forestry Bureau.

In scenic Hangzhou city, Zhejiang's capital renowned for the "West Lake", visitors from China and abroad have frequently seen wild boars roaming down hills in search of food.

"The growing wild boar population is now a disaster to our village and neighboring ones. We knock on gongs, explode firecrackers and even use bombs, but there are just so many," said Wang Aihua from Fangwu Village in Chun'an County.

The wild boars have already destroyed one-third of the crops in the village.

The villagers formed a "crops-protection team" with 23 members to patrol the nearby hills and chase off the wild boars.

"The 'wild boar disaster' is now a problem in many places around China. Human beings have to rebalance their relationship with the animal," said Lu Miaohai, chief of the forestry resource administrative section of the Zhejiang provincial forestry department.

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