Zen, Taoism inspire his lofty architecture

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 Greenberg's tree houses follow the contours of the tree and captures the natural energy flow or qi.(Source: China Daily)

BEIJING, Sep. 12 (Xinhuanet) -- Self-proclaimed 'anti-architect' David Greenberg has unconventional ideas about how houses should be built. Sun Li talks to him about his treetop resort in Hainan.

As Western-style buildings proliferate in cities all over China, US architect David Greenberg is trying to introduce ideas based on Zen Buddhism, Taoism and Chinese geomancy or feng shui in his projects here.

The self-proclaimed "anti-architect" stood out easily from the other participants of the Fourth International Ecopolis Forum in Chengde, Hebei province, where he presented his thoughts in cut-to-the-chase, non-pedantic language.

He was also the only foreign guest using a calligraphy brush to sign his Chinese name.

"I don't think architects care about people today. They just put people in ugly monstrosities and boxes," Greenberg says.

"Chinese urban designers should start looking at their traditional courtyards and not merely copy Western architecture, most of which takes away from nature," he adds.

An example of Greenberg's back-to-nature architectural concept is the ecotourist Treehouse resort at Nanshan Buddhist Culture Zone, Sanya, Hainan province.

Here, he not only offered a spectacular view of the South China Sea, but also built a walkway connecting treetop rooms, ensuring that the flow of positive energy, or qi did not slip out to sea.

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