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KATHMANDU, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- Nepal is marking the 24th World AIDS Day organizing various programs on Thursday with the slogan: Getting to Zero was determined as per the United Nations HIV/AIDS Program.

Although the statistics has shown the lowering rate of HIV transmission in Nepal, some six people contract HIV every day in the country, it was informed at a press meeting.

At the press meeting organized by the National AIDS and STDS Control Center on the occasion of the AIDS Day, it was informed that some 18,000 Nepalis have been living with HIV/AIDS which was traced first in 1988.

Similarly, some 5,000 people are dying of AIDS in Nepal.

There are 36 anti-retro viral treatment centers across the country from where some 6,000 HIV survivals are receiving treatment.

Meanwhile, an interaction organized in the capital Kathmandu stressed on protecting the Nepalis involved in the hotel, rafting, trekking and tour guide from the chance of getting HIV.

On the occasion, Minister of State for Tourism and Civil Aviation Dilip Maharjan said the tourism industry would be durable if AIDS control programs were conducted in collaboration with tourism industry.

Special Report: World AIDS Day 2011

Editor: Xiong Tong
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