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BEIJING, Nov. 8(Xinhuanet) -- After 20-second treatment, people can turn their brown eyes to blue. It is not magic, but a surgery that a US doctor is working on.

Dr Gregg Homer, chairman and chief scientific officer of Stroma Medical, a medical firm in the US, claimed he could use laser light to remove pigment in brown eyes so they gradually turn blue.

"The laser can agitate the pigment on the surface of the iris," Dr Homer told the BBC, after 20 seconds laser treatment, brown hue in the eyes would fade away and blueness appeared in two to four weeks.

By far, 17 patients with a high degree of short sights from Mexico have undergone the laser treatment and reported no harm. In return for taking part in the trials, the patients were offered lens transplants.

BBC reports that Dr Homer is now seeking up to 750,000 US dollars of investment to continue clinical trials. He intends to manufacture hundreds of lasers and launch trials overseas within 18 months.

But eye experts have cast doubts on it.

Some say that the pigment is there for a reason; if lost, there will be problems like glare or double vision.

In response to the concern, Dr Homer stated the laser only removed the pigment from the eye's surface and it was "one third to one half as thick as the pigment at the back of the iris and has no medical significance".

Dr Gregg Homer was once an entertainment lawyer. In mid-1990s he gave up his career and started to study biology at Stanford University in California.


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