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MAPUTO, June 27 (Xinhua) -- Up to 44 percent of children in Mozambique suffer from chronic malnutrition, according to an official study released on Monday.

The conclusion was made by the World Food Program (WFP) representative in Mozambique, Lola Castro, and the deputy representative of the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) in Mozambique, Roberto de Bernadi said.

Entitled "Child poverty and disparities in Mozambique 2010", the study analyses child poverty, malnutrition, child abuse and impact of HIV/AIDS.

Malnutrition affects 44 percent of Mozambican children under the age of five, particularly those from the central and northern region of the country, the study says.

The authors of the study compared the results achieved with a those published by the government in 2003 and concluded that improvements continue to be very insignificant.

"This is an area that unfortunately, results compared to those by the government of 2003, indicates that there was very little improvements. We are talking about 44 percent of children suffering of chronic malnutrition" de Bernadi said.

According to de Bernadi this is to say that children will not die immediately but they are in risk of not developing properly physically and mentally, and this a problem that could affect the present particular the future of Mozambique.

The provinces most affected are Cabo Delgado with 56 percent, Nampula 51 percent and the provinces of Zambezia, Niassa, Tete, Sofala and Manica with a percentage more than 40 percent.

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