New official photos of British royal family released

In Pictures: Royal Wedding in London

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Prince William, Kate kiss at Buckingham Palace balcony

Prince Willam, Kate hold wedding ceremony in central London

British royal wedding starts in Westminster Abbey

William and Kate to be Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

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Global royal families arrive for pre-wedding dinner

Global royal families arrive for pre-wedding dinner

 Westminster Abbey, 1st choice for royal wedding

Kate Middleton spends final night of single life


Worldwide spectators camp to witness royal wedding

London's luxury store displays wedding cakes

Video: Significance of the royal wedding

Guests arrive at Goring hotel where Kate's family stay

 Spit and polish are the secret weapons for troops on British royal wedding parade

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Who is designing Kate's wedding dress?

Prince William's wedding plan

Prince William, Kate release official engagement portraits


Precious old photos of British Prince William


Spectators camp outside  wedding venue


Lifetime movie "William & Kate" to premiere on April


British police finish wedding security preparations


Where royal romance begins


Private rehearsal held for Royal Wedding

Ingredients for a perfect royal wedding

 Obsessed collector makes room for William and Kate

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Swedish grand royal wedding ceremony


Grace Kelly: Hollywood actress-turned-princess


World's hottest young royals

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