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BEIJING, Dec. 30 (Xinhua) -- China has made steady progress in containing the spread of illegal publications and cracking down on the dissemination of lewd content through the Internet and mobile phones in 2010, according to the National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications.

The office has recently disclosed the following facts and figures about the related efforts China has made so far this year:

-- Around 44.37 million copies of illegal publications, including 981,000 copies of lewd content, 37.35 million pirated copies, some 3.93 million illegal copies of newspapers and magazines, among others, have been confiscated across China.

-- More than 16,000 cases, including over 10,000 ones of pirated publications, 1,669 cases involving pornography, and 371 cases involving fake journalists, news reports or media outlets, have been uncovered this year.

-- China has shut down more than 60,000 porn websites since launching a crackdown in December 2009.

-- Law enforcers across China during a campaign launched in April had destroyed a total of 36.39 million copies of pirated or illegal publications, audio and video discs.

-- The office has received over 170,000 tip-offs, mostly about the online or cellphone-based spreading of porn content this year and 534 people have been rewarded 544,000 yuan (81,964 dollars) for the information provided.

-- Authorities in Zhongshan City of southern Guangdong Province shut down a huge disc-producing outfit with five production lines and confiscated 3.87 million illegal discs.

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