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"The fight against Internet-enabled IPR infringement, which remains a severe problem, is also a priority in the ongoing crackdown," he said, adding that the progress of related investigations will be publicized at an appropriate time.

China has since 2005 continued to crackdown on Internet-enabled IPR infringement, uncovering over 2,621 cases, Yan said.

Furthermore, government agencies will step up the fight against the distribution of fake medicine over the Internet and deal with the dissemination of false information concerning medicine over the Internet in accordance with the law, Deputy Minster of Commerce Jiang Zengwei said.

Also at the press conference, Yang Xueshan, vice minister of industry and information technology, said that 98.02 percent of computers were pre-installed with licensed operating systems in 2009, contributing much to the prevalence of genuine software.

Some 40.23 million operating systems were pre-installed last year, up from 26.65 million sets in 2007, Yang said.

As part of its crackdown on pirated software, the government has ordered municipal and local authorities to buy computers with pre-installed software and required domestic and imported computers be sold with legitimate software pre-installed.

The Chinese software industry has benefited from the move, with 12.33 million Linux operation systems sold last year, Yang said, adding that the software industry expects 1.2 trillion yuan in sales this year.

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