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NEW YORK, Nov. 7 (Xinhua) -- China Xinhua News Network Corporation (CNC)'s English channel has further extended its international reach with the successful launch of satellite broadcasts in North America on Sunday.

The CNC English service, channel 167 on Galaxy Satellite-19, is broadcast at Ku band without encryption and the signals are clear and smooth, according to the CNC service's monitoring sites across North America.

Since its launch on July 1, the CNC English service, CNC World News, has broadcast English news programs 24 hours a day, covering breaking news and major political, economic and cultural news around the globe. Viewers in Asia and the Pacific can tune into CNC English programs via Asia-Pacific Satellite-6, and users of the iPad and iPhone are also able to watch the channel's around-the-clock programs.

Users can also have access to the English broadcast of China's Xinhua News Agency on and on mobile phones of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom.

Wu Jincai, deputy editor-in-chief of Xinhua News Agency and chairman of CNC, Xinhua's TV arm, said CNC mainly broadcast news from around the world for global audiences and transmitted through satellite, cable television, mobile phone, Internet and outdoor big screens.

Similar transnational TV service providers in the world included BBC World, CNN, NHK World, Al-Jazeera, Russia Today and France 24, said Wu, adding that they all extended congratulations to Xinhua and welcomed CNC to the family of international news broadcasters.

Wu said Xinhua's video news services were the result of two years of development.

According to Wu, Xinhua's TV services include satellite TV channels, cross-border City Cable TV channels, and multiple TV service transmission lines targeted at TV stations both at home and abroad.

Currently, the Xinhua TV channels broadcast an average of 2,000 minutes of news programs each day, providing the longest hours of TV news services among the world's media organizations.

By launching video news services, Xinhua made a big step in its transformation from a text-and-photo-based news agency to a multimedia empire.

Xinhua is now rolling out a new program aimed at adjusting the functions of its overseas arms to enhance the localization of its products, and the video news service is one of the priorities of the program.

Now, many U.S. and Canadian cable broadcasters and TV stations can broadcast CNC programs as the CNC English-language channels have a North America-wide coverage through satellite distribution. [ Some U.S. and Canadian media organizations have expressed interest in cooperating with Xinhua in the area of video news services. 

Editor: Deng Shasha
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