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BEIJING, Sept. 16 (Xinhuanet) -- The Mid-autumn Festival not only means that families stay up late, eat moon cakes and admire the full moon, but many outdoor activities are arranged especially for the event. The activities are usually related to some unique folk culture and beautiful legends.

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Moon dance, Pingtang, Guizhou

The Pingtang county in Guizhou Province is a beautiful land with strong flavor of Miao People. The moon is the symbol of happy love in the legend of Miao People. In the night of the Mid-autumn Day, the young Miao people sing and dance under the moon, which is vividly called "moon dance" (Tiao Yue in Chinese). During the dance, the unmarried ones will look for their love. The dance will last about one hour for three to seven days. Besides, other competitions such as horse racing and archery are also held.

Event of this year: from Sep.22 to 24, the "2010 Pingtang Mid-autumn Forest Music Festival" will be held in Pingtang county. During this time, visitors can enjoy the landscape performance "Yushui Endless Night" as well as watching the moon dance.

Recommended package tours: Pingtang county is a four-hour drive from Guiyang city. There are three tour lines favored by visitors.

Zhangbu Exploration Line: Zhangbu Village is located about 60 kilometers from Pingtang county. On the way, visitors can enjoy valleys and caves and taste the unique local food.

Pingzhou River Folk Culture Line: Pingzhou River scenic area is composed of Jingzhou Valley, Liudong Valley, Dami River Valley and Liudong River Maonan People culture village. The unique folk custom is a highlight of this tour.

Jiacha Forest Line: Jiacha scenic area combines hills, rivers, waterfalls, caves, rocks and bamboos into one. It is welcomed by visitors who are eager to embrace the nature.

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