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BEIJING, July 2 (Xinhua) -- China's famous tightrope walker, Adili Wuxor, broke a tightrope-walking world record at the National Stadium, or Bird's Nest, Friday in Beijing.

Adili, known as "the Prince of Tightrope Walking", walked on a tightrope for a total of 198 hours and 23 minutes in 60 days beginning May 3, setting a Guinness World Record for the longest period of tightrope-walking, said Shi Lei, a spokesman of the National Stadium.

Adili had lived in a 9-square-meter cabin on the roof of the Bird's Nest during the past 60 days, spending several hours per day walking the tightrope.

The rope hung above the stadium was 60 meters high and 3 centimeters in diameter.

Adili gave the audience boundless tightrope performances, such as single-leg standing, lying and running, when he was on the rope.

"It is the biggest challenge ever in my tightrope-walking career. I want to dedicate my success to my country." said Adili, who was born to a Uygur family in Xinjiang.

Tightrope walking, or "Dawazi" in Uygur, is a traditional sport for Uygurs, with a history of nearly 2,000 years.

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