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TAIXING, Jiangsu, April 29 (Xinhua) -- Twenty-nine children and three adults were injured when a man with a knife attacked them at a kindergarten in an east China city Thursday morning.

By 4:20 p.m., none of the injured had died, said a spokesman with the government of Taixing City, east China's Jiangsu Province.

Five of the children were seriously injured after the attack in the Zhongxin Kindergarten in Taixing. Two of them were in critical condition, he said.

Liang Baohua, chief of the Communist Party of China in Jiangsu, and Jiangsu's governor, Luo Zhijun, have arrived in Taixing to oversee an investigation into the attack, and visit the injured.

The attacker broke into the kindergarten's No.2 Classroom wielding a 20 cm long knife and attacked the children and adults, said police. A security guard who tried to stop the man from entering the kindergarten was among the injured.

The injured children are between 4 and 5 years old. Two kindergarten teachers were also injured in the attack.

Xinhua reporters saw a 5-year-old girl Zhao Yi, one of the injured kids, in a ward in the Taixing No. 3 People's Hospital. She had two wounds on the back of her neck.

"Each wound is 10 cm long," said Zhao's grandmother, who was accompanying the girl.

The woman said she heard that a milkman hit the attacker with a mop stick on the head, which led to the man's capture.

Xinhua reporters saw the broken mop stick at the crime scene.

They also saw another victim of the attack, a boy, who was slashed on the back of the head. His grandmother said his two wounds were 16 cm long each.

Hu Yafeng, a salesman in the Hainaxingdi Supermarket near the kindergarten, said he and four others including police, alerted by locals, apprehended the attacker.

Police have detained the 47-year-old attacker, said a Taixing police spokesman.

Initial police investigations identified the man as Xu Yuyuan, an unemployed local man. He had been a salesman in a local insurance company until he was fired in 2001. Since then, he has remained jobless, and taken part in some pyramid schemes.

"Xu looked normal this morning. He talked with people in a natural manner," said Xu's tenant who had talked with him hours before the attack. He asked to remain anonymous.

This was the second knife attack on children in China in two days. A man attacked 16 pupils and one teacher with a knife at a primary school in south China's Guangdong Province Wednesday afternoon.

Five of the injured children in the Guangdong attack case are still critically ill in hospital Thursday morning. The man identified as Chen Kangbing has been detained by police in Leizhou City of Guangdong.

Editor: Tang Danlu
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