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File photo shows parents are overwhelmed with shock and grief at a local hospital after a knife-wielding man attacked their children at Nanping City Experimental Elementary school Tuesday morning. (China News Service, File Photo)

FUZHOU, April 28 (Xinhua) -- A man who murdered eight children outside their primary school last month was executed Wednesday in east China's Fujian Province.

Zheng Minsheng, 42, was shot in Nanping City after the death sentence had been approved by the Supreme People's Court (SPC).

The SPC reviewed Zheng's case and ratified the sentence handed down by the local court, said a statement released by the Intermediate People's Court of Nanping City.

Zheng, a former community doctor, stabbed eight children to death and seriously injured five others on March 23 at the gate of the Nanping Experimental Elementary School.

An investigation found Zheng was acting in frustration at failures in his romantic life, said the statement.

Zheng was convicted of murder April 8 at the Intermediate People's Court of Nanping City. He appealed the sentence and asked for leniency, but this was rejected by the Fujian Provincial Higher People's Court April 20.

The five injured students suffered from shock due to excess blood loss when being taken to hospital, said Chen Xiaojie, deputy head of the No.1 Hospital of Nanping City.

They had all been out of danger now, but were still receiving free treatments at the hospital, Chen said.

Each of the eight bereaved families had received 290,000 yuan (42,500 U.S. dollars) in compensation, said a spokesman with the Nanping municipal government.

As a "loser" without a job or a wife and already middle aged, Yang sought revenge on society to vent his spite, said Yu Jianrong, director of the Research Center for Social Issues at the Institute of Rural Development, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Zheng targeted children who were more vulnerable than him, instead of those who "hurt" him and authorities, Yu said.

"It reveals the serious fact that any innocent can become a victim of violence," Yu said.

However, experts said such extreme violence could hardly be detected before it happened.

Killers without a criminal record often do not arouse the attention of the local public security department, said Gong Zhigang, a professor at the Chinese People's Public Security University.

"They look normal. They use real ID cards. The authorities cannot read the anger building up in their minds," Gong said.

It has become increasingly important the government boost psychological interventions for the weak, Yu said.

"The government can provide them with free or low-priced psychological assistance or hire community workers to help them properly handle their negative emotions," he said.

In addition, social welfare measures must be available to those struggling at the bottom of society to enable them to live their lives with dignity, he said.


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