Beijing family planning official: media report about "second-child" policy untrue   2010-01-25 20:34:18 FeedbackPrintRSS

BEIJING, Jan. 25 (Xinhua) -- The family planning authority of Beijing said Monday that media report about the city considering loosing control on second-child was inconsistent with the facts.

An official with the municipal committee of population and family planning told Xinhua that the journalist who wrote the original false report had already apologized to the interviewee.

The official said that the family planning is China's basic national policy, and that stability and continuity of the policy should be maintained.

He called for attention to China's cause of population and family planning and for efforts from all walks of life to support the family planning authorities to do a good job.

Early Monday some media reported that Peng Yuhua, deputy head of the municipal committee of population and family planning, said the authorities were doing research on moderately lowering the threshold for "second-child".

The reports said probably Beijing would allow any couple, if either the husband or wife was an only child, to have a second child. According to the reports, the regulation that a woman should bear her second child at least four years after her first baby's birth was expected to be lifted.

China adopted the "one-child" policy at the beginning of the 1980s to contain the fast growth of its population. Beijing now allows any couple, if both husband and wife are only child, to have their second baby.

Editor: Li Xianzhi
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