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TEHRAN, Jan. 20 (Xinhua) -- The deputy head of Iran's oil minister said Thursday that Iran and Syria have signed an agreement to build an Islamic gas pipeline to transfer Iran's natural gas to Europe, the semi-official Mehr news agency reported.

Javad Oji told Mehr that a tripartite meeting between Iran, Iraq and Syria will be held within the next month on the implementation of the agreement.

"After several round of talks, the new path for the export of Iran's natural gas to Europe has been agreed upon (by Iran and Syria) by signing a document," Oji was quoted as saying.

The official, who is also the managing director of Iran's National Gas Company, said that the new corridor of natural gas to Europe will pass through Iran, Iraq, Syria, southern Lebanon territories and also through Mediterranean basin.

Oji said that the agreement, by means of which the natural gas of Iran's South Pars and Asalouyeh fields will be transferred to Europe, was reached in Damascus meeting between the officials of the two countries but the report did not specify the time of meeting.

The gas pipeline which is likely to be named "Islamic Pipeline" will send 110 million cubic meters of natural gas on daily basis to Europe, said Iranian official.

Local Syrian official Al-Baath daily reported Thursday that Syrian Oil Minister Sufian Allaw signed with his Iranian counterpart Masoud Mir Kazemi a memorandum of understanding on the export of Iranian natural gas to Syria.

During the meeting on Wednesday in Damascus, the two sides discussed building a natural gas pipeline connecting Iran to Syria through Iraqi territories.

"We want to discuss issues in the fields of refinery and training of our technical staff during the meeting," the Syrian minister was cited as saying.

Allaw told Xinhua on Monday that the Syrian Ministry of Oil and Mineral resources announced recently that Syria has invited international companies to invest in eight new oil blocks and develop old oil fields in Syria.

Allaw visited Tehran in August 2010 to discuss the possibility of shipping Iran's gas to Europe through Syrian territories. Both sides reviewed plans to build an oil refinery and infrastructure in Syria to transport Iranian oil.

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