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PARIS, June 14 (Xinhua) -- The unemployment rate for 30 OECD members as a whole was steady in April 2010 at 8.7 percent, perching at the same level of March, the Paris-based Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) announced Monday.

The OECD unemployment rate remains at a level close to post-war highs albeit the uneven recovery paces in different countries. The April 2010 number of unemployed persons in the OECD stood at 46.5 million, 0.76 percent higher compared with the level of last April, with jobless population expanded 3.3 million.

Spain recorded the highest monthly jobless rate at 19.7 percent, which was followed by Slovakia with a rate of 14.1 percent, Ireland at 13.2 percent and Portugal at 10.8 percent.

The general picture is of broad stability across OECD countries. Among the three major euro zone economies, the highest rate was 10.1 percent in France, whereas Germany and Italy registered respective jobless rate at 7.1 percent and 8.9 percent.

The latest May rate for Canada was 8.1 percent, unchanged from April, while the May rate for the United States fell by 0.2 percentage points from April to 9.7 percent.

The lowest rates in the month were 3.7 percent, recorded in South Korea, and 4.1 percent in the Netherlands.

The April rate for the European Union has climbed to 9.7 percent, and that for the euro zone stood at 10.1 percent, both higher than the averge level of 8.4 percent in the major seven countries, namely Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germeny, Italy and Japan.

Chile became a member of the OECD on May 7, 2010, but due to technical and timing reasons, its figure was not yet been included in OECD area aggregation in April data.

Editor: Bi Mingxin
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