Egypt's SCAF approves bill to bar ex-regime figures politically   2012-04-24 18:12:42            

CAIRO, April 24 (Xinhua) -- Egypt's ruling military ratified Monday night a bill passed by the parliament, imposing a ten-year political isolation on senior former regime officials, state-run newspaper al-Ahram reported.

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) approved the law in a bid to prove there is no support for a specific presidential candidate from the former regime, al-Ahram said.

The disfranchisement law targets the former regime remnants, including top officials who served as vice-president, prime minister and leaders of the now-disbanded National Democratic Party during the last ten years of ex-President Honsi Mubarak's rule in the next ten years.

"The law will enter into force after being published in an official newspaper on Tuesday," said Samy Mahran, general secretary of the parliament.

According to the law, presidential candidate Ahmed Shafik is likely to be excluded from the presidential list set to be announced April 26, as he served as Prime Minister for a period in 2011.

Egypt's election commission rejected last Tuesday all the appeals of 10 disqualified presidential candidates, which meant only 13 out of 23 candidates were qualified for the presidential vote scheduled for May 23 and 24.

Islamist Mohamed Aboul Fotouh, Freedom and Justice Party chairman Mohamed Morsi, former Arab League chief Amr Moussa and former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik would be among the top hopefuls. Morsi has been chosen as Khairat al-Shater's backup.

Editor: Chen Zhi
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