How Privacy Vanishes Online

Editor's notes: Week after week, hackers break into corporate and individual computer systems to steal client lists, e-mail addresses and credit card numbers. Yet people turn over personal information to online retailers, social networks and other online services in growing numbers. Do people have to accept that sharing data is the price of a connected life online – even if they don’t like it?


PlayStation hacker may obtain millions of credit card info.

Kazuo Hirai said there was no concrete evidence that information from 77 million credit cards of users through Sony's PlayStation Network had been stolen by a hacker, the possibility did exist. 

Sony hacked again, 24.6 mln users' data at risk

Massive data breach suspected in PlayStation hacker attack 


Apple denies location-tracking allegations

Apple denied the alleged location-tracking practice, saying it will release software updates to make iPhone store less location information to quell public concerns over privacy.

iPhone collects location even if services turned off: report

Apple face mounting pressure on location-tracking practices 


ROK charges Google for illegally collecting private info

 The South Korean police said on Thursday that they have filed charges against the global Internet giant, Google Inc. for its allegedly collecting private information, in violation of Internet privacy laws.

 Google face mounting pressure on location-tracking practices

S Korean police raid Google Korea over location data collection


Facebook ups security after Zuckerberg's page hacked

Online social network service Facebook rolled out additional measures for its members to protect their online privacy.

Facebook hacker fakes Sarkozy announcement

Privacy becomes big concern of Facebook messaging system


 Sony data leakage deepens 

 Apple blamed for iphone tracker

More News on Internet Security

  S. Korean watchdog investigates Hyundai Capital personal data leak

  Thousands of Australians affected by U.S. Epsilon email breach

  Another cyber attack against Dutch Rabobank

  Hacker shuts down Dutch ministry website

  Google blames software update for missing Gmail data

  Online privacy protection caught in paradox

By Bi Mingxin