Robot Theme Park in E. China's Zhejiang Province
        | 2012-03-27 21:43:00 | Editor: Yamei Wang


Zhu Kefeng (C) and his team pose for a group photo in the Mr. Iron Robot Theme Park in Jiaxing City, east China's Zhejiang Province, Nov. 16, 2011. Several 10-feet-high Transformers robots stand while vehicles and bicycles run on a street nearby. It is not the movie shooting scene of the "Transformers 4", but the exhibits of the Mr. Iron Robert Theme Park created by Zhu Kefeng. Located near the downtown of Jiaxing city, the park which displays some 600 exhibits including robots and cartoon figures, has been an attractive site for children. "I feel very glad when the children visit my park and enjoy the happiness here. "Zhu Kefeng said, "I still remember the joy when I play iron toys in my childhood, I'd like to share the joy with children when I'm able to build a theme park. Joy shared with others are more enjoyed." 49-year-old Zhu Kefeng and his team have spent ten years in making recycled iron and steel sculptures. At first, he make realistic model of car with iron sheet, then he founded a studio and began to create sculptures of bigger size. For the large demand of materials, he even founded a recycle bin for iron and steel materials. In his opinion, each sculpture has its own character that cannot be duplicated. All the materials, like wasted cars and motorcycles, have their story and experience, so the sculptures are added with life and uniqueness after art creation. Zhu Kefeng began to build the Mr. Iron theme park in 2010 with the money of selling his sculptures and his own apartment in Shanghai. On the 225-hectare park, once an abandoned factory, all the artworks are made of wasted materials from used cars, gears and old machines. Beside the sculptures, a robot theme gallery displaying human civilization from the Stone Age to the 21st century is also built there. Building a park of iron sculptures is Zhu's dream ten years ago. At present, his dream is building the similar parks in every province of China. As China's first park themed on recycled iron and steel artworks, the Mr. Iron Robert Theme Park was granted national AA grade scene spot by tourist administration on March 20, 2012. "China is moving towards automobile era, there are so many wasted cars every year. I hope the park provides the visitors, especially the children, not only happiness, but also the spirits of green development and environment protection." Zhu said. (Xinhua/Xu Yu)

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