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Hinh T. Dinh, a leading economist at the World Bank, said while Africa's GDP grew 5.2 percent per year, it has not provided enough sustainable jobs for the continent.

Some experts say Africa has the potential to produce millions of productive jobs if the barriers can be removed and more foreign companies including those from China pour investment there.

Asked about whether it could be difficult to recruit Chinese managers or skilled workers to work in Africa as they would have to abandon a metropolitan life, Hai, from Hua Jian, said that is not a problem.

Some 300 veteran Chinese workers voluntarily flew to Ethiopia to provide training at Hua Jian's plant, she said.

At this stage, the Chinese trainers are needed to school Ethiopian workers, but the company plans to develop local talents, she said.

Over the past decades, many Chinese enterprises have invested noticeably in Africa, seeking more overseas opportunities and helping boost economies of many African countries.

Huawei, a Chinese leading global telecom solution provider, opened up the African market in 1996.

Over the past 16 years, Huawei has set up two regional departments, 20 representative offices, two research centers and six training centers with a total investment of 1.5 billion dollars on the continent.

It also employed more than 4,000 people, over 65 percent of whom are locals.

Touchroad, a Chinese company set up in Africa in 2002, has currently eight subsidiaries in Africa, creating more than 8,000 local jobs.

Hai said that contrary to the oft-heard narrative that African workers are inefficient, she found high efficiency levels among a group of Ethiopian trainees her company had sent to China to learn shoe-making skills, with some even exceeding Chinese workers' productivity.

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