Oldest couple impart secrets of love and longevity   2011-12-16 12:20:30            


The couple believes that the keys to longevity are working every day, keeping a harmonious family and having "inner peace and a grateful heart."

A good natural environment and clean water have also contributed to increased lifespans in the area, according to local experts.

According to official accounts, there are six men and women above the age of 100 in Pingtang's township of Tongzhou, with the oldest being a 111-year-old woman.

As of November 2011, the Chinese mainland had registered 48,921 people above the age of 100, according to the Gerontological Society of China. The oldest living Chinese person is Luo Meizhen, a 126-year-old woman from the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region in southwest China.

Similarities between the oldest men and women include a peaceful mindset, a simple diet and having a son or daughter who takes care of them, said Li Bengong, head of the society.

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