China de-escalates situation in Huangyan Island by withdrawing two vessels   2012-04-23 20:53:45

MANILA, April 23 (Xinhua) -- China is de-escalating the situation in Huangyan Island in South China Sea by withdrawing two law enforcement vessels, Zhang Hua, spokesman of Chinese Embassy in the Philippines said on Monday.

Two Chinese vessels, a Fishery Administration ship "Yuzheng 310 " and a Chinese Maritime Surveillance ship No. 084, have already left the Huangyan Island area by Sunday, Zhang said. "There is only one Maritime Surveillance ship remaining in the Huangyan Island area for its law enforcement mission."

"The withdrawal of the two ships proves once again China is not escalating the situation as some people said, but de-escalating the situation," the spokesman said.

The maritime standoff between the Chinese and the Philippine vessels in the Huangyan Island area has lasted for two weeks. Some Philippine officials and media said that China is deploying more surveillance and paramilitary ships to the Huangyan Island.

"China is ready to settle this incident through friendly diplomatic consultations," Zhang added.

Liu Weimin, spokesman for Chinese foreign ministry, has said that Huangyan Island is integral part of Chinese territory and China has indisputable sovereignty over the island.


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