China vows to push forward judicial reform   2012-03-11 16:20:07

BEIJING, March 11 (Xinhua) -- While admitting that some problems exist in China's judicial system, Chief Justice Wang Shengjun on Sunday vowed to push forward reform to realize judicial justice.

China needs to improve the work of courts and deepen the reform of its judicial system, Wang said in a report on the work of the Supreme People's Court (SPC) delivered at a meeting of the annual parliamentary session.

"Some courts have not done well in improving the transparency of court affairs and promoting the democratic judicial system," he said.

Some judges have behaved badly and exhibited a poor working style, as irregular practices in court proceedings and hearing delays could still be found, he said.

A small number of judges were even found taking bribes and perverting the law, he added.

This year the SPC will work to reform court procedures, speed up proceedings of civil cases involving small sums of money and improve rules for citizens to observe trials, he said.

Chinese courts will better accept and respond to supervision from lawmakers, political advisors and the public, he said.

He urged more efforts in accepting supervision from the general public, including soliciting opinions from the public, giving more heed to media reports and the voices of netizens and promptly responding to social concerns.

Last year, Chinese courts made persistent efforts in pushing forward judicial reform, Wang said.

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