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Morsi says army's roadmap "complete military coup"
        | 2013-07-04 16:44:33 | Editor: Yang Yi

Morsi says army's roadmap "complete military coup"

CAIRO, July 3 (Xinhua) -- Egypt's ousted President Mohamed Morsi said Wednesday that the newly-announced military roadmap for running the country during a transitional period is "a complete military coup," calling on all people to stick to the law and the constitution.

"The army roadmap is rejected altogether by all free citizens," Morsi wrote on his official Facebook page, referring to himself as the president and the supreme leader of the armed forces despite the announced ouster by the military.

Earlier, Defense Minister Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi announced that the chairman of Egypt's Supreme Constitutional Court will run the country for a transitional period.

Sisi said the army's roadmap includes forming a national government with broadened powers, and that the army will seriously face any unpeaceful act.

"The coup will pull Egypt backwards ... and everyone has to bear their responsibilities before God, the people and the history, " said Morsi, who, according to local sources, had been removed to an undisclosed location.


新华网开罗7月3日电(记者李姝莛 田晓航)埃及总统穆尔西3日在其社交网站官方账户上表示,埃国防部长塞西当天的讲话以及提出的未来发展路线图是“彻底的军事政变”。







(Note: The above is the same story reported in English and Chinese respectively, and is not literal translation.) 

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